Does Ebert costs for public repositories?

Ebert is free for GitHub® public repositories, enabling Open Source projects to have powerful and automated code reviews for their code. We offer a 15 days trial period for private repositories, and after that you must subscribe to one of our plans to continue reviewing your private repos. Publicizing or privatizing your repositories on GitHub® will be taken in account and will be reflected on the subscription status of your account on Ebert.

Does Ebert work with git hosting solutions other than GitHub®?

For the time being, no - but we have plans on adding GitLab support in the future. We don’t have plans to support other git hosting providers that don’t have an API that supports reviewing or commenting on Pull/Merge Requests, like Bitbucket®.

Does Ebert work with GitHub® Enterprise?

Currently no - Ebert only supports for now.

My team doesn’t use Pull Requests - is Ebert still useful for us?

Day by day reviews and the weekly chart can still be useful for teams doing Continuous Integration, but you will need to check the review results periodically.

Who will have access to the reviews of our repositories?

Reviews of public repositories will be visible to anyone, and the review of private repositories will be accessible to anyone that has access to the repository on GitHub - we periodically synchronize the permissions from you repo to ensure that you don’t to replicate any permissions rules manually.

My team doesn’t have strict guidelines of how we should configure each engine.

Don’t worry - if your repository does not include the configuration for a specific engine (like the .rubocop.yml file for RuboCop), Ebert will use a curated configuration file based on the Plataformatec Guidelines. Engines which aren’t covered by the Guidelines practices will be executed with their default configuration instead.

Can I change or cancel my plan anytime?

Yes - you can change or cancel your plan anytime. In case you are changing your plan, changes will take place immediately and additional costs or credits will be included in your next invoice. For more information, visit our Subscription and plans documentation page.

How do I cancel my plan?

In order to cancel your plan, follow the step-by-step available in our Subscription and plans documentation page.

What happens if I cancel my plan?

Once you’ve canceled your subscription, you’ll no longer be charged and Ebert will wait until the end of the current billing cycle to stop reviewing and commenting on the Pull Requests of your GitHub® private repositories. Ebert will preserve existing review data, and will still review and comment on any public repositories you have on your account. For more information, visit our Subscription and plans documentation page.

Why does Ebert charges in Brazilian Real?

Ebert is operated from São Paulo, Brazil, and we currently can only charge customers in our local currency. We display estimated USD values of our plans as a convenience and are based on current exchange rates, which may vary, but all charges are made in BRL.

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