Styleguide repositories are a way to share engine configuration files across multiple repositories without replicating these files on each codebase, and how Ebert stores its default configuration files on the plataformatec/linters GitHub repository.

If you want to use the same config files on multiple repositories reviewed by Ebert, you can create your own styleguide repository (or fork plataformatec/linters as a starting point) and reference the repository’s owner and name on the .ebert.yml of the repositories you want to apply the styleguide:

styleguide: acme-co-org/styleguide
  # ...

With the styleguide key in place, whenever your repository is reviewed Ebert will retrieve engine specific files (like .rubocop.yml for RuboCop) from the default branch of if the file is not found on the repo under review.

We recommend to make your styleguide repository public on GitHub or make sure that your GitHub integration on Ebert has access to the repository to retrieve the config files.

My repository already has its config files in place. Should I use a styleguide repository?

If your codebase already has a defined set of configuration and style rules to be followed its better to stick with your current setup instead of moving to a styleguide repository. The styleguide approach is recommended for codebases and teams that are new to linting and static analysis and want to get started without going through configuration files first.

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